Must-Read before switching over to AT&T

The AT&T commercial above promised you a free iPhone 7 when you switch to AT&T and unlimited data if you also get DIRECTV. Here are 6 things you need to know before  you switch over to AT&T.

1. You will pay for the Free iPhone

AT&T will charge you $29.99 (plus tax) for up to 3 months for the iPhone 7 before the credits starts to kick in.

2. You will  only get the iPhone 7 32GB 

Although you will get a “free” Iphone 7 after 3 billing cycles, understand that you will only get the iPhone 7 32GB. If you want more storage space or the iPhone 7 Plus, you will have to pay extra. Also if you decide to get an iPhone 6 or 5 instead of the iPhone 7, you will not be qualified for the free phone promotion.

3. The iPhone 7 is not really yours 

If you decide to cancel your wireless agreement with AT&T, you will be obligated to pay the balance due on the phone.

4. Your unlimited data plan comes with restrictions

After 22GB of usage, AT&T will slow down your data speed. Fortunately, since you have unlimited data, Stream Saver will automatically be turned on for your device. Stream Saver allows you to watch more video on your wireless devices while using less data by streaming content that it recognizes as higher definition video at Standard Definition quality.

5. Follow these instructions for trading in your old device

You can get up to $650 when you trade-in your current smartphone.

  1. The whole process can be completed online. Simply go to: AT&T Trade-in Program . After completing the online application, AT&T will send you supplies for pre-paid shipping in 5-7 days. Pack and ship your device to receive your reward. You will either receive an in-store credit or an AT&T Promotion Card in the amount of your trade-in value.
  2. The second step is to upload your final bill from your previous wireless carrier. Within 60 days of porting your number, go to AT&T Switcher Program to upload your final bill reflecting your termination / cancellation fees from your previous carrier. You’ll be mailed your AT&T Promotion Visa® Prepaid card within 4-6 weeks after you’ve completed all eligibility requirements, including keeping your account in good standing for 45 days. This means that you should receive your Visa Prepaid card 10-12 weeks after you first switched to AT&T.

6. Pay your previous carrier bill if you can

As I mentioned above, it can take up to 3 months before you receive your Visa Prepaid card. To avoid your bill being sent to collections or late fees, I highly recommend that you pay your bill in full.


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